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    How do I download the ebook I purchased?
    Once you purchase an ebook, go to Your Books to download it. Customers are allowed up to six (6) downloads of each ebook. Please contact Customer Service if you exceed your downloads and still need access to the ebook.

    For help loading an ebook onto your reading device (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.), refer to our step-by-step directions.

    I bought an ebook. How do I get it on my Kindle/Nook/iPad/etc.?
    Refer to our step-by-step directions for loading your ebook onto your specific ereader. We provide instructions for Kindle Fire, E Ink Kindles, Nook Tablet, Nook Color, E Ink Nooks, iPad, iPhone, general ereading devices and computer desktops.

    Do I need to specify a file format when purchasing an ebook?
    No. All ebooks downloaded from ThinkerBooks include multiple file formats. After purchasing an ebook, go to Your Books and select the file format needed for your device.

    For detailed information about the necessary file format needed for your reading device, refer to our list of step-by-step directions.

    How do I know what file format I need for my reading device?
    As a general rule, use the MOBI file for Kindle ereaders and Kindle apps, and use the EPUB file for all other ereaders and apps.

    Refer to our step-by-step directions to learn about file formats needed for specific devices.

    Can I buy a printed version of an ebook?
    Some of our books are available in both ebook and print form. These books include two different options on their display pages: "Purchase ebook" and "Purchase printed book." To purchase a printed version, enter the number of printed books you want in the "Purchase printed book" field and click "Add to Cart." 

    What's the difference between the Shopping Cart and Wish List?
    Add items to your shopping cart that you want to buy during your current browsing session. Add items to your wish list that you want to remember or purchase later.

    Make sure the items you want to purchase are in your shopping cart before checking out. You can move an item from your wish list to your shopping cart by going to Your Wish List and clicking the "Move to Shopping Cart" button beside the item you wish to purchase.

    How can I be a Reviewer?

    In conjunction with our sister site, BestThinking.com, ThinkerBooks allows customers to sign up as Reviewers. Contact Customer Service if you are interested in becoming a Reviewer.

    Can you publish my ebook?
    Our ebook publishing model is a hybrid of the best of traditional publishing and the best of digital. Authors cannot pay to publish with ThinkerBooks. We like to say, we don't take money from writers, we make money for writers. We only publish ebooks we believe in and pay all the production and distribution costs.

    We provide the writer full copyediting, technical, distribution and marketing support to make sure ebooks we publish have quality content, are well written, and technically well produced... and we do it quickly with most books produced and in distribution within a few weeks of being submitted by the writer.

    Please contact Customer Service if you are interested in publishing an ebook.